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Establishment of contacts between Europe and Asia, and with rest of the world... We dispose of huge address book of valuable contacts in different fields worldwide!

Offer multiple services, based on 35 years in industrial project management of all kind (energy, infrastructure, industrial, environmental, etc)

-   Identification of investment opportunities, especially in high-tech related field
      (automation, bio-chemical, environmental, new material, IT, security management)
-   Establishment of top level contacts
-   Search of appropriate partners

Some past/recent examples:

-   Raw material procurement for Pipe mill in Indonesia
-   Finance procurement for Cement plant in UAE
-   Investor search for a new Dioxine destruction process in Japan
-   Licensee search for garbage destruction system of totally new concept, from Japan
-   Investment plan of jatropha oil production in Laos

 Transfer of technologies

-   Transfer of cutting-edge technologies between Asia and Europe (mainly between Japan and Switzerland), in
     different fields, such as:

-   Automation
-   Automatic inspection (Sensor systems)
-   Bio-Medical systems
-   IT systems, security management

-   Environmental Protection
    (alternative energy production, recycling, waste treatment of all kind)
-   Multimedia ( incl. telecom)
-   New Materials
-   etc.

Consultancy and Contact establishment services for:

-   Transaction on commodities of all kind, machinery & plant, masterpieces
-   Financial operation ( including currency transaction )


Trading activities

-   Commodity trade of all kind
-   High-tech oriented articles, process, machinery and plants
-   Art masterpiece

Consultancy and promotional activities on finance and investment projects 

-   Identification of Investors, Finance means
-   Set-up of offshore operations
-   Financial transactions of all kind, including currency trade


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