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Welcome on the website of NS Consulting! We offer you various services in creating the Bridge between:
Europe (mainly through contacts in Switzerland) and Asia (mainly through contacts in Japan).

Communications in English, French, German welcome!

" A votre service pour créer le pont entre L’Asie et l'Europe "
" Steht zu Ihrer Verfügung als Brückenbauer zwischen Asia und Europa "
" At your service to create the bridge between Asia and Europe

Main field of Activities

Coordination of overseas projects

Identification of investment objects among others in high-tech related field, such as automation, bio-chemical, environmental protection, new material development, IT and security management.

Transfer of technologies

Consultancy and promotion activities on financial operations

1)  Identifcation of investors, fiancial means
2)  Promotion of financial trading of all kind, including currency transaction
3)  Advices related to  set-up of offshore operations

Trade promotion activities

1)  Commodity trade of all kind
2)  High-tech oriented articles, process, machinery and plants
3)  Art masterpiece

For any inquiry related to one of mentioned subjects, please send your inquiry by filling up the following mail form

Personal History of Naohiko Sata

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